Data Strategy and Why Data Science Projects Fail

Going Vertical with Data Strategy and FORCE

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Message from Manuel Levi

Thank you for joining me on this journey!

I’ve finally decided to write a book about the lessons I've learned in data science and artificial intelligence over the years.

This book will list what I consider to be the best practices to create a truly successful data strategy. I'll go into detail on each of them, presenting real examples and references.

In this book, I'll explain the five pillars of FORCE. A data strategy framework I created, while working at EAI.


I decided that instead of publishing the book on paper, I'll publish it online first, allowing for:

  • Interactivity that would be impossible otherwise;
  • Easy updates;
  • Easy distribution;
  • Additionally, there is a growing community of decision-makers and data specialists who believe that FORCE fulfills the need for a lightweight data strategy focused on delivering long-term impact. You can join this community on Telegram or by following me on Linkedin.

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Publishing Schedule

There is always at least one book that we didn’t get to finish because we couldn't dedicate the focus it deserved. Even though we understand the importance of the book, we feel overwhelmed even to start reading it. I don’t want you to face the same challenge with this book.

For this reason I’ll publish this book in edible chunks, chapter by chapter. This will allow you to process this book at a sustainable pace while allowing me to spread the message further. If you don’t want to miss an update, make sure to subscribe.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are extremely powerful tools.

I want everyone to understand how ubiquitous they will be in all future businesses. I'm trying to connect with all the companies and people in the world that want to apply this technology but somehow feel lost and need someone to hold their hand along the way.

If you know someone who might also be interested, feel free to share this message with them.

Manuel Levi